The 2004 International Conference on Communications (ICC 2004) will be held in Paris, France, on 20-24 June 2004. The technical program will feature a unique set of technical symposia disseminating the latest research and development results in communications and networking, and business applications sessions and panels, where industry leaders will address the hottest topics in telecommunications and the future evolutions of this field. In addition, the program will include tutorials and workshops by internationally recognized experts, where engineers can learn about new technologies of their choice. ICC 2004 will thus feature a technical program equally attracting researchers from academia and engineers from industry, network operators, and service providers.

The world's premier tourist destination city needs little publicity: Known as the capital of art, the capital of fashion, and one of the world's most romantic cities, Paris is the city at the top of everyone's list and attracts over 30 million foreign visitors a year. Paris is also at the crossroads of a hi-tech region, which has its fair share of the world's most significant innovations and developments. Its engineering schools, universities, research centers, and industries have played a pioneering role in many recent technologies ranging from the Minitel (the ancestor of the Internet), to the global system for mobile communications (GSM), and digital audio and video broadcasting (DAB, DVB) standards, just to mention a few. It is in this dynamic environment that ICC 2004 will bring together researchers, developers, and practitioners, and disseminate the latest results in communications.

June is one of the best months of the year to visit Paris, so make your plans to attend ICC 2004 and have a memorable stay in this magnificent city. Also, bring your family along for a pre-conference or post-conference tour in a region that is extremely rich in culture, history, and arts.
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